5 Tips on How to Pick the Best Hotel

Posted on: 25 January 2018

Whether you are travelling for work, leisure or both, excellent hotel experience is essential. There are many available options, and it can be hard to discern the right one for you. Here are a few tips to help you make the best hotel choice for your stay.

•    Accessibility to Surrounding Amenities

A pleasant hotel stay can be ruined by a lack of flexible transport to other amenities that you may desire. Check for a complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport to help you arrive comfortably and safely. Find out if there are taxis in the area surrounding the hotel and whether they are readily available during rush hour or late at night.

•    In Room Entertainment

If you are spending a night or more in a hotel, you should look at the entertainment options on offer. The more extensive the package on offer the better for you. In room on demand movies are a flexible and attractive way to wind down in your hotel room. Call the hotel to inquire about what in room entertainment options are available to decide on whether it's the hotel for you.

•    Pet Policy

When planning to travel with your pets, you need to select a hotel for your stay that allows for pets on the premise as well. Find out if there are any extra fees levied on pets accompanying room occupants. Some hotels offer pet-friendly incentives such as complimentary pet walks or cleaning which can drive your choice on where you'll stay.

•    Rate Per Room

An essential factor to consider when looking for a hotel to stay in is the price they charge for the room of your choice. Use one of the many available hotel booking sites online to compare rates. Once you identify a suitable option for you, don't reserve the room via the booking site. Instead contact the hotel directly for a cheaper quote as booking sites add their mark up on top of the hotel's price for their services.

•    Read the Reviews

Scour the internet for customer reviews of the hotel you desire to book to know how their services measure up. Past customer experience is a good indicator of what you should expect should you opt to stay there.

No matter the purpose of your travel you ought to assess a hotel's pricing, entertainment options, customer experience and even a pet policy to pick the right one for you.