Outdoor Events: Three Central Considerations for Marquee Selection

Posted on: 12 December 2017

Outdoor parties can be memorable, convenient and inexpensive. However, if you are not prepared for the event, the guests will experience discomfort due to exposure to the harsh sunlight or sudden rains. Therefore, if you are interested in hosting a wedding, corporate gathering or general get-together in the outdoors, you should hire a marquee.

This structure will protect the attendees, equipment and other assets from the harsh environment. Also, the tenting can enhance the appeal of your event. However, you should remember that the benefits obtained will be determined by the specific shading structure selected. Here are some critical considerations to help you choose the most suitable marquee for your outdoor party.

Marquee Fabric

You should evaluate the different fabrics which are used in manufacturing the marquee before choose a tenting structure for hire. In general, your choice of fabric will determine the level of protection provided, general comfort and the resilience of the marquee during installation. If you obtain the wrong structure, the guests might not feel comfortable and the fabric might tear during handling. In general, you should select strong fabrics such as polyethylene and PVC. PVC is the stronger choice; opt for it if the handling environment is rough. You should also make sure that the specific marquee fabric you choose is rated for water resistance, fire resistance and UV protection. These performance characteristics are essential for optimal comfort.

Number of Attendees

Marquees are available in multiple sizes, and it is essential to hire a structure which matches the demands of your application. Under ideal circumstances, you should shop for your marquee after deciding on the guest list and the equipment for the party. When you know the exact number of attendees and the types of tables and decorative elements that will be in the space, you can make accurate estimation of your marquee size requirements. If you are uncertain about the exact number of people expected, you should hire a slightly larger marquee in case the list expands.

Colour and Design

Finally, you should think about the colour and design of the marquees in the market before choosing a specific one for hire. These factors will determine the visual appeal of the entire event. Therefore, you must identify the structure which best matches the theme of the outdoor party. You should take note of the colours of the marque and the general shape of the structure. Also, you should make sure that the visual properties of the tent can be enhanced by your chose décor.