Things You Never Want to DIY at Your Wedding

Posted on: 21 August 2017

When it comes to your wedding, there are some things you can probably handle on your own, either to save money or to ensure everything goes according to your own plan. However, there are also some things that even the most capable bride may want to have others handle, to avoid stress and because some tasks may be a bit more complicated than you realize. Note a few of those tasks here, and some suggestions for how to ensure they get done right without trying to manage them yourself.


Wedding flowers need special care and handling in order to remain fresh throughout an entire day. Creating a bouquet that you can easily carry down the aisle is also a bit tricky, as you need some type of handle or tie to hold them easily. You also may not realize all the details that go into creating a stunning bouquet or table centrepiece, such as the greenery needed around flowers, or the smaller buds that are used to enhance the colour of your main flowers. If you want to save money on flowers, choose ready-made bouquets and arrangements rather than having them custom made for your day, but leave this work to an actual florist.


It's never good to impose on friends and family when it comes to providing food for your wedding, as your friends and family no doubt want to relax and enjoy the day, and not worry about standing over hot chafing dishes or transporting cooked food to your venue. As with flowers, you might choose some simple dishes readily available from a local restaurant rather than having a menu custom made for your reception, and this might be more affordable while still being easy to manage for everyone.


Even if you have studied pictures of wedding decor online for months, trying to decorate a venue yourself can be more challenging than you realize. You need to consider the time it takes to set up table coverings and other such items, and if all your chosen items will coordinate and complement each other. To save money, rent sets of items needed for your reception; this might include tablecloths and matching chair covers, or entire sets of china and flatware. Wedding decor rental agencies may have packages for many items you need at the wedding and reception, including flowers for the altar as well as matching centrepieces for the reception tables, or entire sets of decor according to a particular theme or colour scheme.