5 Remarkable Ideas for your Wedding Venue

Posted on: 10 July 2017

Not all couples fancy church weddings as their preferred style. In this case, considering alternative wedding venues for your nuptials could be the only option. The venue to be chosen will always depend on your personal style, interests, passion, hobbies, and the number of guests. Proper planning must also be ensured for a successful, eventful, and memorable day of your life. Therefore, ensure you choose the best professional wedding planner as part of your strategy to avoid disappointments. Have a look at some unique ideas that will help you get the best stunning venue for your wedding day.

Vacation Retreats

Various vacation retreats have specific wedding packages that can offer a great way of cutting down on the guest list. Such retreats will literally handle all the issues for you and set up the venue to your desired taste. To make it simpler, you may consider your chosen honeymoon destination. If the service can be held at this destination, it would be fun and cheaper too.

Private Homes and Gardens

Why look so far when your closest friends and relatives could have just the perfect place to hold your wedding ceremony? Using private properties makes you enjoy more options that might not be offered at commercial wedding venues. For instance, a simple hillside with a beautiful natural view can be transformed into lovely scenery with your beautiful wedding and guests. Other lovey venues could be homes near a mountain or lake to make the event more natural and colourful.

Local Resort Centres and Hotels

Using your event facilities at a hotel or local resort centre can add an air of sophistication and elegance on your big day. This is one of the best options as it offers easy lodging services for people attending the wedding from distant locations.

Mansions, Castles, and Shrines

Most large commercial buildings which were originally private buildings offer viable places for wedding venues and reception. They act as a unique option that offers a cool atmosphere to your service especially for guests who are not comfortable with outdoor settings.

Public Places

Holding your wedding party in public venues like community parks or one of your favourite restaurants could be a great deal to end your big day in style. However, it requires some extra legwork on your side.  You may need to check the local codes for systems of transport as they may vary with different cities. You may also need to check if there are special permits needed to conduct the ceremony in your chosen venue.